NETwork discovery through CALcium imaging

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An interactive platform for large-scale, NETwork and population dynamics analysis of CALcium imaging recordings

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Complete software platform, based on MATLAB. From single movie exploration to large-scale statistical analysis

Fluorescence Analysis

  • Manual and Automatic cell segmentation and ROI selection: single cells, clusters and populations
  • Population Calcium Dynamics analysis
  • Individual fluoresce traces visualization and exploration
  • Trace sorting and classification: Machine learning supervised and unsupervised classification, pattern matching, fuzzy sets, manual, etc.
  • Spike inference. Integrating top state of the art algorithms
  • Glia and astrocytes wave-like dynamics analysis
  • Real-time analysis and visualization with Hammamatsu Orca cameras
  • Statistics and Complex systems

  • Integrated statistical analysis. From single experiment distributions to large-n analysis
  • Monitor changes across treatments
  • PCA and clustering analysis of single-cell statistics
  • Functional and effective network analysis
  • Avalanches and critical dynamics module
  • Complexity analysis
  • Interface and development

  • User-friendly interface. No coding required
  • High scalability (hundreds of GB recordings and experiments)
  • Optimized for low single-to-noise recordings
  • Open Source. Modular and customizable through its plugin system
  • Funding & Support